Thanks for the Encouragement

I appreciate the comments and emails commenting on my quilting of Ann’s table quilt. I’m sure you can tell that this type of quilting moves me out of my comfort zone which is overall freehand quilting and pantographs and I appreciate the reassurance you all have given me.

Mom saw the quilt tonight – she really likes it so I’m happy and she’ll bind it and give it to Ann.

Just a comment on the trip from HELL! Those of you that read my blog regularly know I travel a lot. So it takes quite a bit of inconvenience to make me comment on travel woes. Rather than give the long version (24 hours long!) I’ll just summarize below

  1. 3 hours sitting at the gate ON THE PLANE in Minneapolis due to a mechanical problem.
  2. Knowing after the 1st hour I’d miss my connection.
  3. Having to make an unscheduled stop in Cincinnati to fix the mechanical problem because they didn’t have the part in Minneapolis.
  4. Being allowed off the plane in Cincinnati at 9:30PM to get some dinner only to find ALL the restaurants and food court had already closed.
  5. Having the worst seatmate EVER who was loud and obnoxious the entire time and during the incessant talking on her cell phone called me a bitch and unfriendly because I wouldn’t listen to her rant about how pissed she was. (Thank goodness for iPods and headphones!)
  6. Getting to Atlanta at 11:30PM AFTER all flights to Newport News had left for the day.
  7. Having to stand in a line from 11:30 PM to 6:15 AM to reschedule a flight (Keith got on the phone after a couple hours but the best he could do was a Sunday morning flight).
  8. Trying to get on the 7:20 AM flight (Standby) but being unsuccessful.
  9. Having a Delta Crown Room agent finally get me a confirmed seat at 10AM after being told the earliest I’d get out was 9:30PM on Saturday.
  10. Two hotel reservations made and not used (one because I was in line all night, the second because I got on the 10AM flight).
  11. Getting to Newport News but my luggage NOT arriving.
  12. Having them come out to deliver my luggage but ONLY the suitcase with the quilts arriving.

Hopefully # 12 will be them bringing my clothes and toiletries tomorrow!!


  1. Oh my goodness, Mary – what a horrendous time you’ve been having! About the only good this you describe is the fact that the suitcase with the quilts arrived. With the luck you were having I wouldn’t have been surprised if it had gotten lost!You’ve custom quilting looks just fine. I find it gets easier and easier the more I do. I really enjoy it most of the time now – especially when it’s my own quilt and I’m not terribly afraid of making a little mistake.

  2. Oh my — hope the trip gets better and that you get your clothing soon. On the bright side, at least you have the quilts!

  3. I have never heard of such a horrible trip. I can’t imagine stading in line for nearly seven hours. We are planning a trip to Australia but now I wonder. Lol.

  4. POor thing! Hopefully there are some free tickets involved in all this— not that you want any at this point in the game….Hang in there.

  5. I swear – I’ve hear nothing but stories like this in the last two months. I honestly have hear of ONE person who has flown recently without some sort of nightmare. I hope you will be in VA long enough to RELAX!

  6. OH MY. I have written 2 rants on my blog about horrible flights taking up to 6 hours longer than scheduled, but neither involved standing in LINE for almost 6 hours. I am never going to complain again. I hope things get better from here. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  7. Wonder if this kind of mess is going to get worse with the events happening in the UK?Here’s hoping the trip back will be a smooth uneventful one with a sweet lady who sits quietly beside you reading or stitching.

  8. An online friend had a similar experience last week due to the bad weather. Thank goodness your quilts arrived!! Get some deserved rest! (Hugs)

  9. Oh, Mary! Why is that airlines continue to have worse and worse service and yet we all keep flying? Yes . . I know the answer . . we have no choice!You have every right to complain about that trip.

  10. How awful!!! I hope that the rest of your trip is restful and relaxing. On the way home I hope that you are seated next to a friendly lady, that quilts!!!!

  11. If only we could see into the future; it would have been so much more pleasant to go via Road Trip. I’ve never heard a worse air travel story than that.

  12. I swear air travel is getting worse all the time. I am sorry you had to go through all that, and hope you have a lovely time in VA. I know you will dread getting back on that plane!

  13. Someone called you a bitch and unfriendly? You?Good grief, I would be calling the airline over this. Yet, I am sure they receive numerous complaints and they continue to serve their customers this way.I hope you get your luggage soon. At least you got the quilt suitcase!

  14. Mary,I sure hope you were compensated for all of this. I certainly would be making phone calls to see what the airline was going to do for me if it’d been me.I sure hope your next trip goes well. We are unfortunately at the mercy of the airlines.HUGS HUGS HUGSLaurie

  15. It does sound terrible, but think how you’d feel if the suitcase with the quilts HADN’T arrived! Talk about panic, despair, lawsuits for psychological abuse, you might have committed a crime just venting your anger!

  16. What a terrible experience for you. I keep hearing that airline travel just goes from bad to worse and you sure found out how true that can be.

  17. Knock on wood my flight to Missouri was good! This is always the worst thought in my head.My only issue was the last 45 minutes lfight from Charlotte to Newport News sitting next to a 300 pound gal who squished me up against the window and all seats were full. But being fat myself I didn’t complain I just kept thinking 45 minutes and I’m home!Sorry for all your hassles Mary!

  18. Ugh! I have a trip booked to NY with my kids in a few weeks. The first flight segment we could not choose our seats….not a good sign…

  19. Yoiks! are travel seems to be rapidly approaching the absolute bottom of customner service these days. I am so sorry you had to deal with all that crud. Hope the clothes arrived safely by now!

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