I LOVE this template

I know I’ve been talking about the swirls template all week and I just showed you a photo of this quilt on the machine but it’s done and I LOVE it. It’s quick, easy, and looks great on the finished quilt. Thanks Michael and Kay!

16 thoughts on “I LOVE this template

  1. Some time ago, I machine quilted a small childs quilt in sorta swirls — free hand, and NOT even, but the end result was so much better than what I expected! Somehow those swirls really carry the design through! Yours is just gorgeous! Now, I need to figure how to do it with my DSM! You do such beautiful work, Mary. That pattern really takes an ‘ordinary’ quilt to “uptown”! 😎


  2. I love that template, too. In fact I love swirls on all my quilts. It would not bother me to have swirls on everything – there’s just something about texture they create. Love the quilt, too.


  3. Wow Mary, I can’t take my eyes off that quilt. I love the Chinese Coins, and the swirly quilting just finishes it off perfectly! I really really love it!*hugs*Tazzie🙂


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