More Swirls on the agenda for today

Thanks for all the compliments on the Chinese Coins quilting – these templates make it easy. I pieced an off center 4 Patch backing last night and loaded my Purple HeartStrings top for quilting today. I also finished the binding on the Patriotic String Star and have the 2nd set of purple blocks up on the design wall.

Today’s goals:
Quilt the Purple HeartStrings top with swirls
Label and wash the Patriotic String Star
Make and machine stitch binding on the Chinese Coins #3 quilt
Cook dinner

I don’t mention it often but since we’ve moved, between the inconvenience of not have a grocery store I can walk to and all of Keith’s travel, I rarely cook anymore. The week before I left to visit Mom I tried a grocery delivery service Simon Delivers and it worked out great. I placed another order which will be here this afternoon and we’ll actually eat dinner at home 3 nights this week!

Once I take Chesty for a walk in the park I’ll get to work. After our visit to the dog park last week I applied for a dog license and an off lease permit – both are required for Chesty to go back to the dog park – so far they haven’t arrived and for now we just walk around the park and chase squirrels.

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