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I haven’t blogged about the ordeal we had over the present my brother, sisters, and I got Mom for Mother’s day. She sent me this photo Tuesday – she finally has her coffee table – intact and is able to display her quilts. (When it finally arrived it was damaged and it took a while for my brother to pick it up and have it repaired).

I’d written about the quilt chest I’d purchased from Kerry’s Kollectibles several months ago. That purchase went well without any problems and I love my chest.

Unfortunately, the customer service we received when buying Mom’s present was very poor in my opinion and based on that I would NOT recommend them.

Finally, another one of Debbie’s customer quilts won a ribbon. I’m so impressed – that’s 3 different ribbons on 3 different quilts in 3 different shows since June!


  1. Oh my,I would love to have one of those, but after hearing about the damage issues…I think I would want to pick it up at their location. New Braunfels, TX just happens to be about 50 miles from where I grew up and where my mom still lives. This may have to be a part of a visit to her later this year. Thanks for sharing this. Please tell your mom it looks beautiful with those lovely quilts in it.

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