Quilting progress

I’ve been busy working on HeartStrings projects getting ready for the WI/MN area sew-in on Saturday. Today I finished quilting the Amish Stripes and Strings – the 3rd top this week quilted with my swirls template and the last before it comes off the table for a bit. This photo was taken after the first few rows of quilting and I really like how it looks on this quilt. I’ve also been working on bindings on 3 HeartStrings quilts and labeled the Patriotic String Star tonight too.

This is the second set of blocks for the Purple Project – the first quilt just needs the binding hand stitched down and a label applied. Putting them together will be on my list of goals for next week along with piecing another Chinese Coins quilt, starting the quilting on my aunt’s top, and working on bindings.


  1. Those swirls really make that quilt- well I think they do.I love the bold colours too.You deserve the new laptop, so enjoy it!

  2. I love the swirls on the Amish. I always like to put curves on straight line patterns, and that swirl is really nice.I also love the bright greens in the strings top.Congratulations on your laptop! I’ll never go back to a desktop, most likely.

  3. I really love those swirls. I’m waiting for Michael to make the template for the smaller machines. Have fun with your new laptop….you will love it. I got one in January…not the pretty red one like yours, and I just love it.

  4. Love the effect of the swirls on these graphic quilts! Don’t you get tired of it doing 3 quilts in a row? Not sure I could do the same thing on 3 quilts in a row!

  5. HiIs it possible for you to post a photo of what your swirls template looks like? Is it acrylic with a groove cut out?

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