blah (blä)
A general feeling of discomfort, dissatisfaction, or depression
Dull and uninteresting.
Low in spirit or health; down

Yep, that describes how I’ve been feeling last night and today.

Keith and I took a long walk yesterday and went into some open houses that we passed by. Looked at two townhouses and two condos. Could that be one reason for the blahs? We won’t move for a while but as we’re renting here, we’ll eventually have to make some kind of decision. At this point we plan to extend our lease in December for at least another 6 months.

Last night I finished the binding on the Purple Project quilt – I had one side left to stitch down after the sew-in Saturday and I got a HeartStrings label sewn on too.

Today, I finally took the Amish Stripes and Strings off the machine – it looks WONDERFUL but I didn’t feel like changing the bobbin thread to make the binding and get it sewn on. Didn’t feel like getting ready and loading the next quilt either – a top of my Aunt’s.

Finally, I decided to sit down at the machine for a bit and make some HeartStrings blocks for the 365 Block Challenge. I’m working on blocks for another Half Square Strings quilt – I still have triangles left over from a UFO that I decided to divide into two quilts – this will be the second one. I made 8 blocks and now I’m going to read a while.

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  1. You are doing so many great string quilts! I like the idea of the 365 challenge – whoever came up with that. It will produce a lot of quilts, even if everyone doesn’t hit the target.Sorry you are feeling blah. I’ll bet looking at condos without really looking to buy is partly responsible, at least. I always want to nest when I look, and then we don’t, so it’s frustrating.

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