Playing on the computer

I’ve been playing around with the design of the HeartStrings website and blog. I’ve made some changes – what do you thing?

This afternoon I’m going to do one of my least favorite things – go shopping for some clothes. I just need a few things but I HATE shopping!


  1. Sorry you have the blahs! I hate shopping too. I wait until I have to go and then go to one store in one department and get several colors of the same thing, i.e. pants that fit, blouse my style, shoes that feel good. Maybe the blahs will be over when the moon changes – lol!!

  2. Boy, can I understand your dislike of clothes shopping! As I grow older, finding something to fit that I like is a real challenge. I want my body covered and I don’t want it in those awful fabric designs and colors from the 70’s. Been there and done that once and don’t want to do it again, but that seems to be all the stores in my area carry. It’s trendy now, but I’m classic….kinda like an old car! I hope you have an easy time of shopping today…by walking into the first store and finding the perfect outfit you were looking for!

  3. Looks good, Mary! Very appropriate with the strings atop both sites.I’m not fond of clothes shopping either but that is mainly because I have gained too much weight. BUT I’m working on that–it didn’t go on overnight and it won’t come off overnight either.

  4. Hi Mary, Hope you are over the blahs! I hate clothes shopping too. For all the usual reasons. And those harsh cruel lights in the change rooms!! I just cringe.Good luck anyway.

  5. Both sites look great! Sorry you’ve been feeling blah…. hope it’s getting better.The girls left today, we had such a great visit! Now I guess it’s back to work!

  6. Both sites look very nice Mary. I hate to shop for myself too. I don’t mind getting clothes for the boys, but I hate looking for me. Usually I find lots of clothes when I have very little money. Then when I have lots of money, I find nothing.

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