More of the same today

Yesterday was productive. I worked on quilting Nancy’s top – it’s a king size version of Mom’s Honeybee and piecing another HeartStrings Coins top. I’ll continue to work on both today and maybe even get the coins finished – I have the top and bottom inner border to add and then the outer green print.

Tonight I actually have a dinner date – a friend is visiting from Florida (she does some work for Keith’s company) and we’re going to grab dinner and then meet Keith for drinks after his business dinner.

6 thoughts on “More of the same today

  1. Wow, Mary, you are like a successful author in that you need to work on your craft each and every day and I believe you do that!

  2. Love the honeybee quilt — I was just looking at a pattern for this quilt in a book last night! And I love the quilting you’re doing on it. Nice feathers.

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