Just a quick note

I’m heading to the longarm right now – well as soon as I type this post!

I ran out to Office Depot today and bought a router – got it hooked up but of course there was a glitch. I called Debbie since she’d just set one up but ended up calling customer service at Linksys. They were wonderful – had me up and running in 30 minutes. Then I set up the printer to work on the network and I’m all set.

Just to show Keith that I had it up and running – I sent him this photo. He’s off in Dallas for a couple days.

10 thoughts on “Just a quick note

  1. I really like that picture Mary. It encompasses who you are – somebody who’s online quite a bit (I’m not saying time wise, but your name is becoming well known in quilting groups), somebody who loves dogs, namely that cute little white fellow, and somebody who loves quilts, as we can see in the background. And of course, you! 🙂


  2. Aren’t new systems fun to discover?? Did you get Windows Vista and are you using Mozilla? I love the Vista and with Mozilla (that I was using before) it is a great combination. I bet you will be using the webcam alot with Keith out of town so much and the boys living far away as well…fun!Pam@http://www.pamgwillim.com


  3. Glad you got the wireless worked out. Mine truely was plug and play, good thing since I sometimes have computer “issues”.Your baby is sooo cute!! I like his summer haircut.


  4. I love the look on Chesty’s face — it makes me chuckle. Good for you getting the router set up by yourself. And sometimes, we need some time away from quilting to refresh ourselves!


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