I really suck at this

I can’t echo quilt – I really suck at it but I think it’s in part because I don’t ever do it and since all my quilts are scrap quilts there’s just not the opportunity to practice. My Mom does do a fair amount of applique but I always chicken out and do a small meandering type background on her quilts.

I’ve decided that no matter how bad this looks I’m going to keep on practicing – YES on my AUNT’S top.

What the heck
  • she doesn’t pay me for quilting (she does pay for the supplies/shipping);
  • her piecing leaves a LOT to be desired and her quilts are always a challenge anyway;
  • finally, if I don’t practice I’ll never learn to do it.


  1. tell me what is wrong with it?? It looks great! If you are talking about uneven space between the echoing…hello… alot of people do that on purpose to add interest. Mine looks like that just becauseI can’t quilt straight. You cannot expect perfection on things you don’t do all the time. Heck, I do a lot of custom and mine is very, very far from perfect. Nancy will love it and it looks great… so quit obsessing over it, you’ll make yoursef sick.

  2. Sounds like a good plan, although, I see nothing wrong with your echo quilting on this quilt. In fact, I have yet to see anything that you’ve made that needs improving.

  3. I think it looks great. That is exactly the philosophy that I am taking with the quilt I’m quilting for my Mom. There will be no ripping out unless it’s a horrible error.

  4. Looks fine from here, Mary. Since the piecing was a little less than ideal, then it probably good that the tighter quilting will take some of that in?Way to stick with it and make use of the time you have while Keith travels.

  5. Mary,It looks GREAT to me! We are our own worse critic!! I just love the effect of it and that leaf sashing is an awesome pattern! Is it a freehand one of yourse?HugsLaurie

  6. Pat yourself on the back, Mary! Your echo quilting is fine! A very famous quilter once said that, “If you can’t notice it from the back of a galloping horse, it is fine”. I remember than when I am hard on myself. If you look at what the big name pros do, you will find perfections. That is why this is what gives quilts their character–it is that homemade look, the imperfections just give a quilt personality!

  7. What’s wrong with it? It looks just like McTavishing echo quilting to me, and she and all her followers win TONS of awards! I did read your later post and I think you’re right–sometimes you just need to walk away for a bit and see it with a fresh eye. Want to practice on some of my quilts? I’d be happy to not pay you too! LOL!

  8. It doesn’t look bad to me, and I think that ‘she of the improper borders’ can’t complain when getting free longarm quilting.

  9. Remember this is a one of a kind piece of art. It looks perfect to me. I love the leaves in the sashing. The slight little imperfections is what makes them a unique piece of “handmade” art instead of factory, machine, mass produced sameness. Keep going, when it is finished it will be gorgeous.

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  11. I agree with everyone else…it looks just fine. Real echo lines are simply impossible to do and I can get the first line okay but keeping the next ones evenly spaced is maddening. Looks just like McTavishing to me.I do love the leaf thing you do in the sashing and will have to try that with the next quilt! I do a alternating loop de loop but the leaves are great!!

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