Moving on

I bought the small red ruler at MQS and have been trying to use it to guide my quilting around this applique – unfortunately I obviously need more practice because it’s not working too well for me. I remembered I had some leaf shaped templates I bought when I first got the longarm and tried that too – better but still very awkward.

I tried stitch regulated mode and quilting slowly and got wobbles.
I tried non stitch regulated mode and quilting faster and ran up on the applique.

Finally, I put the rulers away, put the machine in non stitch regulated mode, and started quilting my first line of echoing a little further away from the leaves.

Believe it or not practicing something REALLY does make a difference – I’ve quilted 21 of these blocks now and the last set wasn’t half bad not particularly great but not bad.

On a completely different topic – the new laptop

I’d read that people didn’t like Windows Vista – I have to admit I’m still getting used to it but it has some seriously cool stuff. In Explorer, instead of having to open multiple windows you can open new pages in tabs – now if I can just remember to click on the tab instead of hitting ALT + TAB to switch between open pages!

Also, I was telling Keith the other day I needed to get a small drive to take with me when I travel so I can transfer photos from the camera’s memory card to the laptop. Imagine my surprise and delight last night when I found the laptop has an SD/MMC slot built in.


  1. I love my card reader slot! Also the buttons on the front so I can access my music and volume instantly. I really like using the tiled windows to see what I have opened. Yep…count me as a fan of Vista…and various features on my new Dell.Pam@

  2. Hi Mary,I’m just seeing news footage of a bridge collapse there — looks awful! Hope you and Keith are both OK.Hugs ~ Jeanne

  3. The little memory card slot is fabulous…I love mine. Vista is well…different. I do love the tabs thing (my last computer had Firefox, so I was already used to the tabs), but the thing I dislike is that Vista is so sloooooow to shut down. Oh, and that several games DH bought for me just don’t play nicely with Vista.

  4. Like others have mentioned, I’m wondering if you, your husband, and those you know are okay–the news of the bridge collapse looks horrible. I hope you’ll post soon to let us all know.

  5. Hi Mary, I’m so glad that all is well with you and your husband. Blogging is really an amazing thing. When I saw the news last night I immediately thought of you. Hope everyone you know is safe.

  6. Glad to hear you are feeling happier about your quilting now you’ve practised more. I always took your comments as being a chance to vent some of your frustrations to an audience of fellow quilters who would understand. We are all our own worst critics – we can do without unidentified critics!!

  7. I think your doing fine. I have a quilting foot that has a tiny circle at the end and I use the outside of the circle to run along the applique piece and rarely watch where the needle is going, it helps me stay even some times. One the second rounds it gets worse though…not as much to run the edge of the foot against! Keep practicing, you’ll get better and better.

  8. The part you photographed looks great to me! I love tabs. Firefox has had it for a while, on both Windows and Mac OS. At first, I was resistant to it, but when I got into using it, I loved it.

  9. Ooohhh, your quilting is looking very pretty to me! Sometimes we can be our own worse critics… Your quilting is special and very customized for this top, I am sure your Aunt will be very happy!!!I have a Vista laptop and do like the photo slot (it fits 1 of my camera cards). The other camera I have to use some other device, etc. blah, blah, blah. BUT, I do have a hard time seperating/filing my photos with Vista. Yucky – I liked the old way better. Good thing I have Picasa or else I woudl really be having fits.Cheers!Evelyn

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