Well this was an interesting comment

Anonymous said…
I am glad I am not your aunt. Quilt police seem to reign.

Unsigned of course, I guess I sounded a bit harsh about my Aunt’s top but this is the first time I’ve ever been accused of being the Quilt Police.

What I was trying to convey is that she’s very casual about her quilt construction and not concerned with perfection in her work and here I am stressing over my quilting which yes, is much better than she could do herself even if she managed to shove this king size quilt through her DSM.

I don’t usually get negative comments on my blog but then I’m pretty careful overall about what I write and how I write it. Luckily, most of you who know me and read my blog realize I was stressing about MY failure as a quilter not hers.


  1. Mary,People who leave anonymous coments and don’t have the guts to sign their name…well, I’d just DELETE them and forgot it. Some people aren’t happy unless they are making others cranky.Your quilting is AWESOME!!! thanks for the post on the leaves.Laurie

  2. Got to admit, I was feeling sorry for your aunt. LOLOn the other hand, how many of us could do the great job you did on her quilt? I really like the center square design. I don’t think I ever realized that long arm quilting takes such skill.

  3. Right at first at thought you were being a little harsh on your aunt too. LOL But, then I realized that you were saying she is not a perfectionist.

  4. another attack of the Annonymii. Your work is beautiful and they are cowards who don’t even give their name. I’ve been atacked often-join the club! You’re in good company…Melody Johnson,Debra Spincic,and a bunch of others. These are people with too much time on their hands and a very nasty attitude.Anyone with half a brain and even a passing knowledge of your blog would know what you meant.

  5. I missed all this controversy! Where was I? I think you did an outstanding job with the quilting, & would have read it that you are being hard on yourself. It looks lovely to me! I was recently asked to do some quilting for an elderly lady who cant see very well. I agonised over it, as her seams were a little ‘off’. She was very happy with the result, & I was so relieved. Taught me not to offer my services- what is ok for me, wont do, in my eyes, for someone else!

  6. I took your post to mean you weren’t satisfied with your own efforts in the quilting of this quilt. Of course, I disagreed with you and I’m sure did many others seeing your work. VBG

  7. Nancy would be the first to agree with you. Don’t worry about what people who won’t identify themselves say..that fact alone speaks volumes. You do good work, Nancy is going to be trilled. And you are way to hard on yourself. Do I sound like a broken record??

  8. Well I knew what you meant, even if anonymous didn’t. At least I interpreted your comment about your aunt’s quilt to mean that you felt you weren’t doing a good enough job on it, even though your aunt probably wouldn’t worry about it.So just take those anonymous comments, hit the delete button and fuggetaboutit.🙂

  9. I think your quilting is great, and I’d be proud to have you quilt any of mine. To the anonymous commenter — poopsnot to you, Miss Crankypants! It was very apparent to all of us what you were saying, Mary! (Hugs)

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