1. I hadn’t made it to your blog yet and was wondering how you are doing… what a terrible disaster! We were at the Stone Arch bridge last Friday.. looking at the other bridges. Then 6 days later.. unbelievable.

  2. For a second there I thought you were posting my ironing board cover! Well, my old one at least. I tried washing it, but didn’t help. So a new one – a BROWN cover – is now on my ironing board. Hopefully I can live in denial a while longer. 😉

  3. I usually keep an old towel on my board for ironing the smaller pieces. It preserves the cover. They do get nasty, don’t they? I thought about you while watching news of the bridge the other night. my husband assured me that you were farther up river. But still, way too close to home!

  4. I just buy teflon fabric at the store and then have DH either staple-gun it or use tacks to hold it on. I don’t even take the old one off. Mama never did. =)Glad you and all Keith’s company weren’t on the bridge. That was a terrible thing.

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