Slow progress is still progress

No finishes here today, yesterday, or even this week.

I think I focus too much on the finish line. There’s a quilt on the longarm that needs finishing, my QFAH project is still in lots of little pieces, and there’s a growing stack of tops that need quilting.

I quilted for an hour on my Aunt’s top and am getting better at echoing those leaves and just now before bed I went in and pieced 4 patches for an hour. If I’m lucky, the quilt will get finished in a few days and maybe the QFAH project will make it to the finished top stage.

After seeing a post on Amy’s site about a Four Seasons Quilt Swap and receiving an email from Margaret inviting me to participate I was SO tempted to join in the fun. But since I have that stack of tops waiting for quilting I’m going to pass.

If anyone else is interested take a look – it sounds like fun to me!

Four Seasons Quilt Swap


  1. Looks like your progress is faster than mine. =) I’m not even making as many blocks, but I am using scrap squares I have left over, and they are bigger than the pattern calls for. I’m loving how everyone’s quilt is different from the others, but all are beautiful!

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