Software woes

I love the new computer, Windows Vista, and Office 2007 BUT I haven’t been able to install my Adobe Elements program that I use to create PDF files.

I tried the online PDF creator on a trial basis from Adobe Online but it doesn’t support the font I wanted to use last night AND it’s $9.99 a month. I could buy Acrobat Standard but that’s $299.

Here’s the HeartStrings Label I created last night in Office 2007 and here’s the version I was able to create with Elements on my Desktop. It’s fine for me – I can print the cuter version from the laptop but I had to post the plainer version online. (I know this is a little blurred but that’s because it’s a photo of the label I printed out – poor photography NOT poor printing). I’m sure there’s a way to get around this – just haven’t figured it out yet.

In the meantime, you can get the PDF file with 4 labels per page on the HeartStrings website.


  1. Love the design. I hope you get the software worked out without having to spend $300! Do they have support for your program anywhere? Maybe it just won’t work with the updated OS? I know when Paul went to XP, we lost several programs. Luckily, I haven’t lost anything with my Mac OS upgrades.

  2. There are lots of free utilities to convert to PDF; maybe one of those would work? I know those free thingies often don’t work/have strings attached but there might be one you can use, like cutePDF? Too bad the program you have won’t work, though.

  3. I too love allot of the things about vista, however I have several program that don’t work, and as of yet there are no fixes. I hope that microsoft will remedy this with vista as they did with previous operating systems.the label is really cute!

  4. okay Mary please forgive my multiple comments, there is one more number at the end of that address to make it work, so the last bit should be: detail.jsp?ftpID=3565

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