I’m so glad this quilt is finished – off the machine and trimmed even. The quilting is not as bad as I feared and I’ll be glad to ship it off to my Aunt. I had problems with thread breakage as I started the 3rd border – almost threw me over the edge but I stayed with it and now it’s DONE!

Did I mention that I love to quilt leaves? (Almost as much as I hate to echo quilt!)


  1. It looks great!! you should be very pleased with it. And Nancy will be thrilled. You stressed so much over this for nothng. You are much better than you give yourself credit for. You should do more of this kind of quilting.

  2. Whoo hoo, would you look at you!! Aren’t you glad this is a done and over with task!?!?! I think you have much to be proud of getting this project finished and now you can send it along to your Aunt, who will love every stitch you have taken in it!Some projects are things we have to endure…it is nice to hear you say “The quilting is not as bad as I feared” and “I stayed with it”Now, go pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage and reward yourself!Pam@http://www.pamgwillim.com

  3. It is beautiful. The blocks, the colors, the quilting. Your leaves are great, I’m sure you had a good time quilting them on your quilt.

  4. Mary,The quilt looks SUPER!!!!! Your aunt will love it. The gorgeous leaves will take her eye away from the echo stuff, which makes the leaves POP! GREAT JOB!!!HugsLaurie

  5. mary, the quilt is gorgeous. you are like the rest of the l.a. quilters, way way too hard on yourself. it is fantastic what you did. the first time i did this, my customer (friend) put it in a quilt show and i won for best machine quilting by a professional. duh! i was playing. i think this would win prizes also.patti

  6. Beautiful quilt. Your Aunt it going to love the quilting. I have always admired your leaves. They just amaze me and I know they are free hand. Oh if only I could do them that good. It is very frustrating when the thread keeps breaking and you can’t figure out why. It is time for me to take a nice long break when that happens. Have a good evening.

  7. I love quilting leaves too! With your amazing quilting, the quilt now looks like an award winning quilt. It’s beautiful and you’ll never convince your aunt that she needs to improve her piecing once she sees this beauty! Congratulations on getting it done.

  8. That is a very pretty quilt, and the leaves are gorgeous! You do such great machine quilting.What is the name of that pattern?I really like the echo quilting a lot.

  9. well done Mary- it is simply fantastic quilting! hurray for seeing it to the end. I wish I was a family member and you quilted for me!

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