Today’s to do list

Keith left this morning for the airport and I’m running around getting things done and checking them off my to do list.
  1. Pack and label all the things I need to ship tomorrow
  2. Take photo’s of HeartStrings tops and quilts
  3. Change the ironing board cover (looks much better doesn’t it?)
  4. Finish quilting my Aunt’s quilt
  5. Make more 4 patches for my QFAH top
Tomorrow I ship off a shopping bag full of packages, gifts for Adam, a power cord for Chris that I forgot to send with the camera he inherited when I got the new one for my birthday, a birthday gift, a couple HeartStrings packages.


  1. Don’t you love checking things off the list as you do them? I’d never accomplish anything without my lists. WOW! That ironing board cover looks so much better!

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