Only virtual quilting going on today

I’m sure you’ve all seen a quilt and had it trigger an idea. I was reading a post on Stashbuster and came across this link to Quiltmaker and for some reason – those center blocks seemed to be creating a boxy type frame. So since I already had EQ6 open I had to play some.

I didn’t like my first few attempts but came across this version when I started randomly trying different colors in the blocks. It’s doubtful whether I’ll ever make this quilt but it was fun playing. Just in case you can’t *see* the block in the quilt – here it is.


  1. Pretty cool–almost a southwest feel to it. Would you piece it the same way as shown? I think I would turn the two squares of the same color in the 1st and 2nd rows into a rectangle strip piecing where you could—but then it wouldn’t be a split nine patch. Looks like you invented your own block or coloration, Mary.

  2. That’s a great quilt, Mary! I’d make those rectangles, too, but probably because I’m a lazy piecer! Hope you make this one up. It’s lovely!

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