I’ve missed this quilt

I had some quilts out today to take pictures of them and left this one up for now because I haven’t been able to get the right angle for the photograph. It *fills* this room and it’s kind of startling to walk in and see it hanging there in the corner but seeing it out I realize how much I’ve missed it.

It’s one of my favorite quilts and was on my guest bed in Marietta so I saw it every time I walked by the room it was in. Now it spends it’s days folded up in a cabinet – sad isn’t it?


  1. Mary,What a gorgeous quilt Mary – I prefer multi color quilts but yours makes great use of the limited palette- Hope you find a place to show it in your house- it would shine wherever you can put it.. Thanks for sharing.Regards from a Western Canadian Quilter,Anna

  2. It’s big! It’s beautiful!! (ps saw your pineapple blossom in your album. Love it and see you didn’t sash it which looks great and may be a solution for mine as I’m running out of butterfly fabric – thanks)

  3. Wow it is gorgeous!! Maybe you can find a place to leave it out folded?? On top of the bookshelf next to where it’s hanging??

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