Up all night

Couldn’t sleep so I got up about 1am and decided to work a while. I did a bunch of 4 patches for my July QFAH quilt – I seem to be stretching this quilt out – I’ve got to cut more beige strips for the last group of 4 patch blocks but I’m ready to get this one together. I also loaded a quilt so it’s ready for quilting tomorrow….no make that today.

After that I spent some time cruising blogs including some that I don’t always get to. I’ve noticed some comments over the last few weeks or so in blogland about the number of comments being left (or not left) on blogs. It’s funny because I don’t really notice how many comments a particular post brings in – probably because I post so frequently there’s a continuous trickle of comments. I’m also guilty of doing more reading myself than commenting at times but I do keep an eye on the number of visitors I get.

However, I would never have any idea how many people visit my blog if it weren’t for the sitemeter stats. I certainly don’t get this many comments! On one hand it’s kind of sobering to think 400 people could stop by and not comment but on the other hand they keep coming back so they must have some interest in my quilting.

By the way, this isn’t a complaint about people not commenting, while I’m always happy to hear from people who stop by I get enough interaction to keep me happy.


  1. Love your blog!and yes I am one of your faithful readers!don’t always comment but enjoy keeping up with what your working on and seeing your machine quilting. Kathie

  2. My day would not be complete without reading some of my favorite blogs, yours included. That said, I now read all my blogs from Google Reader, and only go to the blog page to comment (rarely) or to see pictures that don’t pop up, or to read those mysterious blogs where only the first few lines show up in Reader. With over 100 blogs on my list, including quilting, knitting, nursing, & misc., it would suck the daylight out of my day to visit each and every one of them each day just to see *if* something was posted. So, they are in the reader when I get to them. I enjoy watching your progress, seeing your designs and your trips, and hearing your rants & raves!Sheila

  3. I know that a lot of my relatives read my blog and never comment. They don’t want to join blogger so are unable to comment. Maybe it is the same with many of your readers who don’t comment. Imagine getting 400 comments though!

  4. I read your blog several times a day and enjoy that you post more than once a day. There are many blogs I read and don’t leave comments – most of the time because they’ve already had a few comments and all I could add is “me too” so why bother? Like you, I love reading the comments but don’t even think twice about it when I get a few or no comments on a post.

  5. I love reading your blog, Mary, and try to check it every day. Sometimes I run out of adjectives for your wonderful quilts. How many times can I say fantastic, gorgeous, beautiful, etc? VBG

  6. I think Joyce might be onto something—the ones that don’t want to set up the google/gmail addy or blog cannot always comment if we don’t allow anonymous remarks. Still, consider me one of your “groupies”, LOL.

  7. LOL I’m one of those 400 that ALWAYS read your blog…have you on my bloglines…LOL…just don’t slow down most of the time long enough to comment. :/ I must do better about that, tho, cause you and a bunch of others are a MUST read for me…and I really do want you to know how much I enjoy your blog and what an inspiration you are to me!! 😀

  8. You are being read regularly here in New Zealand…I had your blog recommended by a friend, and now check it at least once daily. I have also started making Heartstring blocks, inspired by you.

  9. I’m a regular. I never thought to post before I had a blog…just went around reading. I love the inspiration and the wonderful people I meet.

  10. The world is full of lurkers and you can count me as one. I only comment if something strikes close to home or if I am extremely curious about something mentioned and no one else has asked about it. I don’t have a blog but read them for entertainment and inspiration. I really enjoy your blog and your pictures – quilts and scenery. Summer is beautiful where you are now living and right now Texas is hot! But your snow pictures from last winter remind me of why I’m not there. Keep on doing what you are doing – you have a loyal following.Later,Susan

  11. I can see through your strategy Mary, you just wanted us all to comment and tell you how much we love your blog. Ok, I’m in, I read yours every day and love seeing what you get accomplished. It’s inspiring and I think the heartstrings project is amazing. And I too take more notice of the stats than the comments, I’ll keep posting if people keep visiting!

  12. You know I’m a regular reader of your blog – sometimes several times a day. I don’t always leave a comment but I try to. 🙂

  13. I too am a regular reader. Not every day though. A lot of days I have to make the choice after work, dinner and obligations, either read blogs or sew. When my reader list gets too full I try to read as quickly as possible and rarely comment. I also run out of adjectives to describe your amazing work. :c)

  14. Quite frankly, who had time to comment on every post on every blog? it would take hours and I talk way too much to leave one word comments! My comments have gone down this summer too, but it’s summer and when I do put something big up I can get over 20 comments so I know they are stopping by!

  15. I read your blog daily and love it! I am inspired by all you do. You encourage me and motivate me more than you will ever know. I am not a blogger-yet. I’ve tried to wean myself from the computer so I’d be able to use the little free time I have to sew.Mary in OK

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