Sitting by the pool with a good book

Sitting by the pool this morning – finished up a book I’ve really enjoyed reading and now we’re heading out to walk around downtown. We’ll check out the Gaslamp area and head over to the marina and park too.

Little Chapel on the River: A pub, a town, and the search for what matters most
by Gwendolyn Bounds


  1. I hope you get to go see Miss Rosie’s quilt store — you won’t believe your eyes! Picture 5 consecutive stores in a mall, opened up and made into one HUGE playland for quilters….. just about enough reason to go to San Diego alone!

  2. Hey Mary, I recognize some of the buildings from that photo in your last post. =) Welcome to our fair city! Hope you have a wonderful time exploring. The robes are too fun. Perhaps they set the mood for a trip to the zoo.Laptops are the best, especially when on a trip. I can’t imagine being tied to a desktop again. I’m trying to figure out where you took that photo from…..I recognize the buildings but not the angle…LOL. It will probably come to me in the middle of the night. =P

  3. We were just in San Diego last week. I could not convince my dh to take me to Rosie’s..::sniff sniff::: oh well, I didn’t need any more fab right now anyway! He DID take me to a baseball game. I wonder what HIS priorities are? heheheheheh

  4. OK – I’m now here catching up with your blog. Bloglines says I have 68 posts to read!!!! Can’t wait to see what wonderful quilty things you’ve been up to.When I finally finish the mile-a-minute blocks that were interrupted by my room redo I’m going back to string quilts. I officially accept the challenge that I’ve not read about yet – here anyway – but have heard about from others. 365 string blocks this next year. I know I have plenty of strings!

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