I knew I was going to forget!

With the card reader slot in the laptop, I knew it was only a matter of time before I went off exploring with the card still in the laptop versus the camera. Why did it have to be today when I was visiting the San Diego Zoo? I tried to buy a card there but they didn’t have one to fit my camera so I bought a disposable camera but will have to get the photos developed when I get home.

Although this was my first trip to the San Diego Zoo it brought back a lot of memories. The boys and I used to visit zoos a lot and one of our first computers came with a CD about the San Diego Zoo that entertained us for hours.

Only one of the Panda’s was out today – Su Lin.


  1. I Loved the San Diego Zoo!!! And have loads of pictures from our trip there. I’m sure much as changed since it was probably more than 10 years ago.

  2. I lived in San Diego for most of the 1980’s and it is the favorite off all the places I have lived. The weather is almost always perfect isn’t it. I wish I was still there instead of here in Atlanta where is has been record-breaking hot for over a week now.

  3. I’ve done the same thing and since cards are so inexpensive now, I’ve begun to keep an extra in my purse so if I should stick the camera in there without a card, I’ll have one anyway. It’s going to feel real funny getting pictures developed, huh?I’ve never been to the zoo there so I’ll anxiously await seeing your pix.

  4. I never used to like Zoos. Felt sorry for the animals. But now they have improved so much, & I think the animals are pretty lucky & happy.

  5. The San Diego Zoo reminds me of The Tonight Show. One of the workers there would always bring animals to the show for Johnny Carson. Looking forward to your pictures.

  6. Sorry you forgot your camera card – it is 2nd nature now for me to check the big camera for BOTH the battery and the card!!! My little camera stays 100% intact for charging and transfering photos, but not the other one. Funny how much digital cameras have changed the way we take photos and share… seems like YEARS since I’ve had to wait to get film developed. Just last month Little Boy was asking me what an empty film canaster was that he keeps pennies in. Then – what is film? LOL! Glad that you had a fun time away!!!Cheers!Evelyn

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