Heading home in the AM

I’m ready to get home and back to work. I have a couple HeartStrings tops to get quilted but first I’m going to finally put the EdgeRider wheels on my Premier. I’ve had them for a month (or more) and it’s time to get them out of the box and on the machine.

I did a lot of walking around downtown today but can you guess how I spent a couple hours this afternoon? I had several people mention Rosie’s quilt shop but in my travels if I don’t stumble across one I don’t typically search out local quilt shops after all as a Stashbuster, I don’t need any additional temptation to buy.

8 thoughts on “Heading home in the AM

  1. Sometimes, I do search out quilt shops in other towns ~ but NOT because I expect to find/purchase something fabulous. I go so that I can simply be there ~ surrounded by the colors, listening to the differences in “shop talk” and inhaling the atmosphere…


  2. I think I’d spend my time in that spot, too! Such a lovely view.I’m interested in knowing how the edgerider wheels are — I’m imagining that they will make the heavy machine heads a bit easier and smoother to move.


  3. Mary, your reading spot looks so inviting – gosh I haven’t laid on the grass and read since I was in college and it was “the thing to do” around campus. 🙂Have a safe trip home! ~Bonnie


  4. Let me know how it goes with your edge rider wheels. I bought mine at MQS in June and they’re still in the box. Let me know if they’re complicated to put on. I think I’ll have to have my hubbie do it if I can’t figure it out.


  5. If you didn’t make it to Rosie’s, you sure missed out on an opportunity to be wowed!! That’s the only shop I’ve ever been to that I have to take a break after a while. LOL


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