Do YOU think Keith is playing golf in this weather?

I think they’re probably in the bar right about now! Hopefully he won’t come home too soon because I still have lots of work to get done.

Here’s the finished HeartStrings Quilt – titled so imaginatively as Chinese Coins #1 since it was the first one I pieced from the donated coins. This is the 2nd finished Coins quilt, one more is ready for binding, a 4th is pieced and ready for quilting and I still have a bunch of coins. I need to get to work and piece a couple more tops AFTER I get through my current *to do* list.

The quilt REALLY looks much better in person. I think it’s just one of those quilts that doesn’t photograph well. A close up of the Hearts and Loops quilting is below also. Click on photos to enlarge.


  1. Well, if it were my husband and he was already on the course he’d keep playing in that weather LOL!All these quilts are looking so marvelous – Mary, you have created something incredible here over the last few months.

  2. Once my DH went to the cricket with my DB. DM and I watched the game on TV so we knew when it finished. They came home hours later and tried to slurr, I mean tell us that the match had just ended LOLLove those coin quilts!

  3. I love that blue fabric that you used on the borders/sashing. A great colour–reminds me of a sunny day with blue skies–quite the contrast to the weather you have thre today! 🙂

  4. The quilt looks great mary! I need motivation! It’s just not htere. I was on a tear before we left to Hawaii and just haven’t gotten it back! (sigh) Oh well!HugsLaurie

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