Ebb and Flow

I love this Ebb and Flow Pantograph from Lorien quilting on these Patriotic quilts. Here’s one I quilted the other day and just took off the machine today. It’s one of two HeartStrings Quilt made from donated blocks at the WI/MN area sew-in in July and will be donated to Quilts of Valor.

(It can be found at Willow Leaf Studio but their website is down for maintenance, the above link takes you to Columbia River Quilting Supplies and Kings Men Quilting also carries it)


  1. Mary, that’s another great quilting design and is perfect for the string quilts. The patriotic quilts are wonderful. I may have to cut more red, white and blue strips.

  2. Oooh — I like that one too. Actually, I have Ebb and Flow, but lent it to a LA friend who had never done a panto — should get that one back to play with.

  3. Mary, I really like that quilting pattern. It is perfect for that quilt. That pattern is perfect for a masculine look…not flowery.

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