I can’t believe it’s August!

We had a beautiful day here in Minneapolis! Without the heat and humidity I couldn’t believe it was August and we took advantage of the weather and spent a good part of the day outside. Keith came home early from work with a picnic lunch that we took to the park to eat; then I came back home to work a bit before heading out for a walk downtown and dinner outside.

Our walk took us down to the Mississippi and across the Stone Arch Bridge. We could see the debris from the bridge collapse last month but it looks like they’ve made progress cleaning it up. The Associated Press reports that 13 people were killed and over 100 injured in the collapse, we were lucky that no one from Keith’s company was involved.

This afternoon I used the hearts as an overall pattern for a HeartStrings quilt. I was happy with the results but I could be a little more consistent. I like it best with one echo so I had to pay attention to which side of the heart I quilted first when I needed to change direction but it was pretty easy to get into a rhythm.

Quilt 4 HeartStrings tops – Chinese Coins #1 , RWB Heartstrings, Purple Project #2, Fran’s top

Piece 2 backings
Bind, label, wash, and ship quilt for my niece
Work on string blocks for my Half Square Hearts
Bind, label, and wash CC #4
Bind, label, and wash CC #1

I got all the way through my list!

14 thoughts on “I can’t believe it’s August!

  1. You are so good to finish everythingon your list. I don’t think I’ve ever managed it; perhaps I should make shorter lists?I think the heart quilting is really nice, it looks easy to do and covers the ground very evenly. It will be appropriate on a Heartstrings top, don’t you think?


  2. Look “list girl”, you have no right to comment about MY lists! LOL! Your lists inspire my lists! I really like this heart motif. I have the worst time doing theses types of overall designs. I always get myself stuck in corners!


  3. The hearts look great! What a nice allover pattern, or even a nice background fill on a much smaller scale…Hum…might have to pilfer this one!You “list” people really crack me up…I much prefer flying by the seat of my pants!! Course I don’t get as much done that way… too easy to get distracted! Oh well.


  4. Wow, Mary….you go girl. I think the hearts look great and finishing off the list….fantastic. I’ve stopped making lists….I’m too much of a rebel to adhere to them. 🙂


  5. The hearts are fabulous and I think I’ll try doing that on my machine…as with any free hand design you always get stumped at some point and boxed into a corner! I usually stop and finish off then start again! great job!


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