Another gorgeous day

We had another beautiful day so we spent all afternoon outside.

We continue to walk around downtown and talk about where we’d like to live if we decide to stay here and buy a place. We like the area we are living now and one on the other side of downtown by the river. Today we walked by some townhouses by the river that we looked at when we first moved. A lot will depend on Keith’s job and we really do need to sell our Condo in GA which is still for sale so we won’t be moving in the near future but it’s nice to look.

I pieced together the doll quilt tonight after Keith went to bed. I’m not crazy about the top and bottom rows of blocks – intended to take the quilt from square to rectangular but I’m going to live with it. I think once it’s bound and those center white edges are framed I’ll be happier.

I received my book from Amazon and have paged through it. One of the things I found very interesting was the discussion on how obsessed we are with symmetry in quilts today. That’s me to a T so I guess I’ll have to work on being more spontaneous and asymmetric.

Now I have to see if I can find my safety pins, quilting betweens and some quilting thread and get this basted tomorrow.


  1. very nice, I started quiesting 2 years ago but in this heat I do not get to quilt as much as I would like.Nice to meet you I woudl liek to stick around and check some back issues if that is alright.

  2. Love the doll quilt! What are the dimensions? Warning: I made a doll quilt and got a barely-used doll at a garage sale (family of boys – they didn’t use the dolls much). Once I got the doll dressed and the quilt made, I couldn’t bare the thought of giving them away. So now I am the proud owner of a couple of dolls with lovely quilts.

  3. The book is great hè 🙂 I love to read in it. It gives so much inspiration. I love your miniquilt I made a Dutch quilt with this pattern. I think It was one of my first posts.

  4. Love the little quilt. I have the book you mentioned – it inspired me to have a go at hand quilting again … have to do it only a little at a time though or my hands complain. Enjoy 🙂

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