Today’s mini To Do List

My sleep clock is completely off! I’ve been awake all night the last couple weeks and am sleeping all morning. By the time I get up, showered, walk the dog, and check email, half the day is already gone.

Since I finished up everything on my list last week – I just have a mini list for today.
1. Load the HeartStrings RWB sampler quilt – I’m going to quilt Baptist Fans
2. Get the binding on one of the 2 HeartStrings quilts quilted last week and not yet bound
3. Do some hand quilting on the doll quilt.

By the way, Deb asked when I was going to post of photo of the hand quilting on the doll quilt – it’s so bad I’m going to wait until I’m finished and the quilt is washed!


  1. I didn’t make a list yesterday and I felt a bit lost. A mini list sounds like a great compromise for days you don’t have to or feel like filling to the fullest. I can empathise with your sleep troubles. Been there. Does reading make you sleepy? Hope you’re able to figure something out soon.

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