Labor Day

I was whining today to Keith that one of the things I miss is getting together with family on holidays. He’s heading out in the morning – to Tampa and then on to Denver and won’t be home until Friday so I’ll be on my own. I hope you guys have some fun plans for tomorrow!

I’ve made a good start on my to do list for the week. I finished binding and labeling another HeartStrings quilt, this one a top donated by Fran that I quilted with “my” hearts; pin basted and started hand quilting the new doll quilt (I know it’s kind of boring but I love simple scrappy quilts); loaded another donation quilt on the longarm; and machine stitched the binding on the Purple Project #2 quilt – I’ll hand stitch it down over then next night or two.

As I was loading the top tonight on the longarm I wondered how the rest of you deal with tasks that you tend to procrastinate on. I was sitting there pinning and telling myself that I *had* to finish piecing the blocks for the Half String Hearts this week before I allowed myself to do more quilting on the doll quilt. I guess that’s a remnant of my upbringing – finishing the chores before allowing myself to do something fun.

Starting and finishing are my two favorite things about quilting – its the stuff in the middle I have to discipline myself to finish.


  1. I do the same thing — I have to finish somethings before I can start on another. Some have deadlines, but some are just procrastination things that I’d like to put off. It sounds to me like you accomplished a lot yesterday.(And we don’t get together with family on some of these holidays — it’s just another Monday today!)

  2. I do the trade off thing with myself too! If I’m itching to get on with a sewing project and have housework to do I make myself do a chore before I do some sewing and keep alternating to get things done 🙂

  3. Procrastinating? Since I have so MANY plans in process, in my mind, no matter what I actually DO get done, it would seem I am procrastinating about something. The end result is that I AM making progress on SOMETHING! My approach (usually) is that the projects kinda ‘fall in line’ according to their importance. (I am a very casual person!) If there is something I absolutely cannot do with a willing heart, I’ll jump into something else.

  4. I have found a benefit of age, is letting myself do something nice, even when there are ‘chores’ waiting to be done. Sort of like having a little guilty treat!LOL.

  5. When I read your blog, I am amazed at all that you get done. I am a died in the wool procrastinator and the only thing that helps me is telling someone that I will have something ready by a certain date. That is how I finished the borders on a donation quilt today!

  6. I was catching up on your blog, but didn’t see the “news” yet. sometimes list to do work for me, other times, I know there isn’t enough time to do it all, so I try and do as much as I can-I will trade off fun and chores so at the end of the day-there is a nice feeling of my time well spent.

  7. My Mom used to always say – if it weren’t for the last minute lots of things wouldn’t get done. Give me a deadline and I can usually meet it – no deadline, then I just pitter patter, but eventually, I get things done. Cheers!Evelyn

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