I’m bored!

I finished the blocks for the Half Square Hearts, quilted a couple hours on the doll quilt, worked on the quilt on the longarm, finished my book, watched some TV and since I had a little nap this afternoon after getting just 2 hours of sleep last night I’m not ready for bed yet.

I think I’ll go look for something to play with for an hour or so in the sewing room and then start a new book.

Here’s the quilt I’m working on. You all know how much I struggle with my freehand quilting. There was tons of white space on this top (donated by Sandra) and I didn’t want to run a pantograph across the links so I’m pebbling inside the links and using the hearts as an overall fill. It’s more dense than my usual quilting but I’m trying to reserve judgement. There are some feathers on the outside edge triangles that aren’t all that great but they’ll do.


  1. Marythis is beautiful!you need to be a bit easier on yourself….your work is amazing!I am addicted to making doll quilts or little quilts too.just lots of satisfaction after working on a big quilt.Kathie

  2. That’s beautiful as always! I really must try your hearts sometime. I think I can do peacock feathers now but I haven’t tried hearts. First I need to make a quilt top….

  3. Mary, I understand… it sounds like SUCH a good idea until you’re part way through and then, suddenly, it seems overwhelming and tiresome… I guess that’s why I have spent so much of my time this year making Priority Quilts and my monthly journal quilts – even if I start something that is “over the top” at least I’m only working with something that is 9″ x 12″ (maybe that’s why you are enjoying the doll quilts so much – hmmm?). Your heart fill is WONDERFUL… don’t forget to breathe!

  4. The textures in those quilting pattern is wonderful! With all you’ve done today you should be tired … maybe you need to do some brainteasers or something to make yourself mentally tired?

  5. Those hearts look so tactile, I just want to run my hands over them and feeeel them! I think it’s a good choice for this quilt, feathers in there would make it too formal and a panto wouldn’t suit, as you said. You’ll have perfected Mary’s Allover Hearts when you’re done with this top anyway.

  6. mary, this quilting is gorgeous!!! just the way i like to do it. really makes this chain show up great. so much texture. you are way too hard on yourself.patti

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