What am I doing?

I told myself I was just going to make a few blocks for the HeartStrings Project Pink. I decided I could make some blocks while I’m at Mom’s and them mail them off to Jennifer who’s going to coordinate this project for us. But then I thought wouldn’t it be nice if we did pink blocks at the October sew-in and I came back with a couple tops to quilt.

So today, I started cutting some pink and white strips. I’ll pull some pink strings to add to them and I have a feeling I’ll make at least one quilt myself even though those Chinese Coins are still calling my name! I just can’t resist these special projects.

I’m heading to Key West in the morning – I may not post until I get back next week (although Keith is taking his laptop so we’ll see!)


  1. Pink is so fun!! Finn inspired me to cut my own pink strips, and they are now aging to the precise age to be made into a quilt!!Have fun!Juliekquilts

  2. I know what you mean about being drawn to the special projects. Our guild has a table they call quilt marketplace. I picked up 3 pink fat quarters for 50 cents each. Couldn’t resist! =)Hope your trip to the Keys is fun!

  3. The pink quilt will look so soft and pretty, no wonder you can’t help yourself! You’ve certainly been busy lately, the heart quilt in the last post is a zinger and the green one is gorgeous too.Thanks for the nice praise for the ‘Feather Me’ panto, I’m impressed with how it looks on the quilt. It’s nice to know they’re being used!

  4. Your green pinwheel quilt is absolutely gogeous! I like the hearts heartstring blocks – I especially like the colorful confetti border. The pink fabric looks like it will make a wonderful quilt too. My, you are such a source of inspiration!

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