No photos tonight

How boring is that?

It’s nice to be back at work after a few days off. I loaded one of Mom’s tops – a log cabin quilt made from the same pattern but a different color scheme as this one I made (pattern is in the Best of Black Mountain Quilts book). I’m using Mereth’s Feather Me pantograph again. The donation quilt was a *practice* piece for Mom’s quilt but really it quilts up very nicely and that practice wasn’t even necessary!

I’ve been embroidering the blocks on the doll quilt too. Some of these *easy* stitches aren’t quite as easy as they first appear but I’m enjoying working on this project. I’ve always loved Crazy quilts but stopped making these blocks when I realized that I wasn’t going to devote the amount of time a decent size quilt would take. Not to mention the difficulty of handling something larger than this small one.

I’m so happy I finally gave into the temptation to make some of these. I just had to find a *practical* application for them before I gave myself permission. Now I need to go shopping for dolls but I think I’ll do that at Mom’s so I don’t have to ship them there. The dolls and quilts will be donated to Catholic Charities.

Just before I left for Key West I received a thank you note from a woman who received one of the HeartStrings Quilts I’d pieced and quilted. I can’t describe how touched I was reading her note and how strongly it reaffirms my commitment to making and donating quilts and to the HeartStrings Quilt Project.


  1. Mary,I think it is great that you are making dolll quilts. Both fun for you to try new things and little girls REALLY love them. My daughter and I made and donated several along with dolls last Christmas. They went to a children’s hospital and the feedback that we got was that they were well loved and played with. Just an idea that my daughter (6years old) came up with and we did with ours: we made small doll pillows from coordinating fabric, stuffed them with poly-fill (my daughter’s job) and stitched them closed. I thought that was a great addition and was very easy to do. My daughter has several sets of coordinating doll quilts and pillows and has enjoyed playing with them and “putting the babies to bed.”Love your work and blog!Nichole

  2. Lovely to get a thank you note from one of the receipients, Mary. We don’t always know where the donation quilts go so it means a lot when one is acknowledged.

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