No photos tonight

How boring is that?

It’s nice to be back at work after a few days off. I loaded one of Mom’s tops – a log cabin quilt made from the same pattern but a different color scheme as this one I made (pattern is in the Best of Black Mountain Quilts book). I’m using Mereth’s Feather Me pantograph again. The donation quilt was a *practice* piece for Mom’s quilt but really it quilts up very nicely and that practice wasn’t even necessary!

I’ve been embroidering the blocks on the doll quilt too. Some of these *easy* stitches aren’t quite as easy as they first appear but I’m enjoying working on this project. I’ve always loved Crazy quilts but stopped making these blocks when I realized that I wasn’t going to devote the amount of time a decent size quilt would take. Not to mention the difficulty of handling something larger than this small one.

I’m so happy I finally gave into the temptation to make some of these. I just had to find a *practical* application for them before I gave myself permission. Now I need to go shopping for dolls but I think I’ll do that at Mom’s so I don’t have to ship them there. The dolls and quilts will be donated to Catholic Charities.

Just before I left for Key West I received a thank you note from a woman who received one of the HeartStrings Quilts I’d pieced and quilted. I can’t describe how touched I was reading her note and how strongly it reaffirms my commitment to making and donating quilts and to the HeartStrings Quilt Project.

A quick top

I had lots of catching up to do today after being gone but did manage to squeeze in assembling the crazy quilt doll top. I had 6 blocks but felt that it was too long and skinny so I chopped off 3 inches off the top and cut squares to piece on the side.

Having just watched Ricky Tims Caveman Quilting Video, I decided to bind this using his *birthing* technique. I liked how much easier it was to turn the quilt using his method of cutting the back and resewing it leaving an opening for turning.

There is no batting and I’ll do the embroidery along the seams through the backing fabric.

What am I doing?

I told myself I was just going to make a few blocks for the HeartStrings Project Pink. I decided I could make some blocks while I’m at Mom’s and them mail them off to Jennifer who’s going to coordinate this project for us. But then I thought wouldn’t it be nice if we did pink blocks at the October sew-in and I came back with a couple tops to quilt.

So today, I started cutting some pink and white strips. I’ll pull some pink strings to add to them and I have a feeling I’ll make at least one quilt myself even though those Chinese Coins are still calling my name! I just can’t resist these special projects.

I’m heading to Key West in the morning – I may not post until I get back next week (although Keith is taking his laptop so we’ll see!)

Another top finished!

I don’t know why it took me so long to finish up this one! I wanted this quilt to be a little less square so since I was watching Ricky Tim’s Caveman Quilting DVD, I decided to add some of his *dancing squares*. I was so tempted to add a bottom border too but since I’m trying to let go of my symmetric tendencies I just added the one border.
This will be another HeartStrings donation quilt and I think it will be quilted with my Swirls template from Circle Lord .

Feather Me

I’m quilting another donation quilt today and am using a pantograph designed by Mereth. I love the way this one quilts and looks. It was purchased at MQS this year and I used it once before getting my EdgeRider wheels installed. The circle in the middle of the design was a bit challenging with the old wheels but now it stitches like a dream and looks great! Click the photo to see a larger view.