I should be too embarrassed to show you this photo but this is why I’ve had to clean today. I’m looking for a solution for storing my strings since the bins are taking over in this corner of the room but I’ve got so much stuff piled up you can’t see the bins! I don’t have a lot of room between the sewing table and the ironing board but I know if I find something that uses the space going UP then I should be able to have my strings and scraps more organized.

The rest of the apartment is messy too so I’ve been cleaning and doing laundry but still have plenty to do. Tomorrow, Keith and I are going to take off and head to Duluth for a couple days. No plans – we’re just going to let the GPS guide us around. I’m excited about seeing one of the Great Lakes for the first time!

Keith’s off at a company event tonight without me. They’re celebrating 50 years and while they have their sales team in town they’re having a Gala – no spouses and he has to wear a Tux! Can you believe that this is the first time he’s worn a Tux in 18+ years of marriage and he walked out the door without me. Bizarre!
I’m going to go sit in front of the TV for a couple hours and stitch on my doll quilt.


  1. Yeah, that’s pretty messy! So where’s the after cleaning picture??And as to the Gala..what’s the point of wearing a tux when there’s no spouses? Hope you got a picture!Have fun in Duluth.

  2. I had to do a little tidying up yesterday before I could get to my machine yesterday. Isn’t it so much more enjoyable to sew in a clean space?I just don’t understand companies who don’t include spouses during those special events. It kind of makes you wonder about the values of those decision makers.

  3. It must have been cleaning day Mary as I could barely find the floor in my studio either. I went downstairs to work on 2 labels and ended up working on tidying piles of fabric. Good thing creative minds have creative space.

  4. I told my DH that the cat didn’t like to come in the sewing/spare bedroom. He grinned and said, “I don’t blame her.” LOLI saw a sign the other day, “Creative Clutter is Better Than Idle Tidyness.” You, Mary, are not idle………….ever.

  5. About the Gala – weird, just plain weird. Makes you wonder if the company is too cheap to foot the bill for the spouses too??? They could have waited another month and really did it up and combined it with a holiday party all at the same time. Messy sewing spaces? For me, my space seems to get messier when I am working on a project – then when I am done with a project/s I like to take a bit of time to clean up – so I can start over with a clean slate, so to speak!I think North American “decorating” styles wastes tons of space. In Europe we have all these great wrap around units with built in “empty” spaces for your photos, etc. Look at all that wasted space you have on the walls above your ironing board and underneath… I understand that you are in an apartment so not keen to build something there, but maybe if you look at some office storage solutions you will find a portable solution?Cheers!Evelyn

  6. Clutter=creativity. But I do think it helps to clean between projects. What about storing the strings pinned on a clothes line against the wall. You could color co-ordinate them and see what you have on hand. THey’d stay flat if you pressed them too.

  7. You need SHELVES! Look at all of that awesome empty wall space! The gala – stupid idea – our UK office does that a lot. I’ve never been a big fan of fancy work events without spouses/dates.

  8. A shame that you couldn’t go with Keith. It would have been fun to see a picture of both of you all in black tie attire. Did you get a pic of Keith in his tux?Um Mary, I still see that basket with the Quilt for an Hour project in it. LOL

  9. That is bizarre about Keith’s company gala! vbgTake heart — I venture to say that 99% of serious quilters have messy areas more often than not! I know I do. When you solve the string storage problem, let us know. I really don’t like the plastic drawer units — not all that sturdy and I can’t keep them organized either.

  10. Dull women have immaculate homes…It does my heart good to see otherquilting spaces that look like mine. I’ve never commented but read your blog fathfully. Thanks for sharing what most of us hide!

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