Seriously, tomorrow I’ve got to get back to work!

I’m not very artistic but here’s my interpretation of the birch trees we saw this weekend on the North Shore. Maybe I should have studied this photo first and made a pieced background. This is my first attempt and I’ll probably give it another shot but not until I get some *real* work done.

With the upcoming Sew-in for HeartStrings coming up on Saturday, I went out and bought a *portable* sewing machine to take along. I’ve been debating buying a small machine for a while and finally decided to just do it.

I’ve heard lots of positive things about the Janome Jem machines and bought the Platinum 720. It has needle down and a blanket stitch (I don’t like machine applique but I occasionally do some) so I chose it over the Jem Gold even though it was a bit more expensive. The dealer told me that my Elna was made by Janome and I found the machine had some similar features. I was particularly happy to find that the 1/4 inch edge foot is the same as mine.

9 thoughts on “Seriously, tomorrow I’ve got to get back to work!

  1. You going to love that machine. Janome has beautiful blanket stitches. Just look at my blog the “japaneese” flowers I appliqued with machine yesterday. But have to admit I prefer handapplique most.


  2. Who says you’re not artistic?? I think your trees look great! Are those french knots or beads representing the leaves?Another lovely postcard…addictive isn’t it? And a great small venue to try out new techniques and ideas. way to go girl!


  3. Janome has great machines. I bought the MC8000 site unseen … well I saw it on Aleene’s Creative Living Show on TV. Gosh that was over 20yrs ago. I tried them all, Janome is still my favorite. I own 5 Janomes .. see I love it.They not only manufacture Elna but ‘some’ Kenmores too … lots of “kissing cousins” out in the sewing world.CONGRATS you’ll love your 720.


  4. Don’t you just love buying a new machine?? I got a Platinum 720 earlier this year and really just love to take it to classes instead of jostling my Pfaff around.


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