On today’s agenda – more leaf quilting

Here are a couple shots from last night – the second photo is a little blurred because I wasn’t using a flash and the *optimal* time for taking photos in my studio had already passed. You can click the photos for a larger view.

I sent these to Mom and she’s happy so far.

13 thoughts on “On today’s agenda – more leaf quilting

  1. The leaves are looking wonderful! As I’ve said a thousand times…you are way too hard on yourself. Your work is great! You really need to quit stressing out so much…it’s not good for you.

  2. mary,i love the leaves…they are one of my favorites for quilting! great job as always! congrats to dh as well! MN is the BEST state in the USA!hugslaurie

  3. I use that same vine of freehand leaves with a little bit of a different curly-Q on most of my borders. It’s easy to do and looks so nice!

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