Photo transfer

I had a couple questions about the fabric I used for the photo transfer on the anniversary postcards. I had some Printed Treasures sheets in the house but felt they were too *white* to give the aged look I was after. When I attempted to use the sepia option on my photo editing software I didn’t get the result I wanted either.

So my solution was to print the photos on a photo transfer sheet and pull a spotty beige fabric from my stash to iron them on to. I LOVE the look although Deb didn’t like the darker spots – I thought they made the photos look more aged.

The top photo on last night’s post was definitely my favorite of the two although I think I liked the one I sent Mom pictured below the best of all and it was the first one I did. You can click on the photos to see a larger view.


  1. The top one definetly looks better to me. Though if you made the wonky one and did a satin stitch instead of open zigzag..maybe it would be more appealing. Or even another of the decorative stitches on your machine. Some of those other stitches might look good too.

  2. great photo post cards Mary-I liked each of them for different reasons-it’s fun to try different things and you sure cover lots of ways.

  3. I love the postcard of your parents. What a great use of the photo. I made one using an old photo of me when I was about 2 and it had the same look. My granddaughter loved it.

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