Fall becomes Winter

It’s been much colder this week and yesterday we actually had snow flurries! I took this photo of the Basilica of St. Mary’s from Loring Park but the flurries had stopped by then. I love the colder weather and have taken time for a walk both yesterday and today.

My aunt asked me to quilt one final top before Christmas and it arrived in the mail yesterday. I told her I’d only do a quick pantograph and since I knew it was a nautical quilt I’d planned on doing Ebb and Flow. However, when I opened up the package I realized that Waterworld would look much better on it although it would take longer to quilt (thanks Deb). Luckily, it was a small top and I finished it about 30 minutes ago.

I won’t show the finished quilt but here’s a photo starting out earlier today.

8 thoughts on “Fall becomes Winter

  1. Oh, it looks so beautiful! What I wouldn’t give to have a chance to long arm something. There seem to be so many patterns and they come out so lovely! But then I’d probably never go back to quilting by hand nor by domestic machine so I guess I should be satisfied with what I have. Still… Your quilts and quilting are inspiring!


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