Fall Quilts

Each year I’ve been quilting I’ve made an autumn quilt – this year it happened to only be 4×6 inches.

This Rail Fence was made my 2nd or 3rd year quilting and remains one of my favorites. I’ve added instructions (slightly smaller version with fewer leaves) to my MaryQuilts.com site – Autumn Leaves

10 thoughts on “Fall Quilts

  1. That was a pretty quilt. Do you still have it, or did one of the boys take it?We finally cooled down..as much as it will here. Tt’s OK though, it’s enough to turn off the air and open up the house…this is the time of year here that makes living here bearable.

  2. Mary, love the idea of your postcard journal project. I know you’re just starting, but have you given any thought as to how you’ll store/showcase the finished pieces? I’ve done 9″ x 12″ journal quilts this year and am now pondering what I want to do with the group of 12 once I finish December’s page. Just curious. Thanks again for sharing the beautiful work you do — it offers colorful comfort in ways you may not realize.

  3. The fall quilt is beautiful. You are so generous to make the pattern available. Thanks, Mary. One of these years, I’ll have a fall quilt, too.

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