Have I learned my lesson?

I think I’ve finally learned that when I’m having problems quilting to walk away for a while (or a night) and try again at a later time. I had to re-thread my longarm yesterday evening after my thread broke – some freaky thing on the cone got caught up. For some reason I could NOT get the tension readjusted so I could get back to quilting. After making several adjustments that didn’t help I shut down for the night.

This afternoon, I walked back in the room, unthreaded the machine and started from scratch – a quick tweak of the tension dial and I was back in business.

I’m quilting more hearts – is that boring? This is a HeartStrings top and I wanted to finish it before the weekend. It’s a virtual retreat weekend on Stashbusters and now a group of HeartStrings quilters are planning to *work* this weekend too so my goal is to quilt both the pink tops I have here from our October Project Pink. But first I have to finish up this one! You can see my top and others from our project in our online album.

10 thoughts on “Have I learned my lesson?

  1. How could those wonderful hearts EVER be boring?!?!?Walking away in order to take a break applies not only to quilting/sewing, but a lot of other efforts in life…. it’s just that we’re all reluctant to admit we need that time/space.Love your work!!


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