One done, one on deck

I finished quilting the Red HeartStrings top this afternoon, unloaded and trimmed it and now its ready for a binding. Next up is one of the Project Pink tops that I loaded on the longarm tonight and will start quilting tomorrow.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s read the tip to have quilting books spiral bound at an office place like Kinko’s. I never really felt the need until I found myself fighting with some of the books I bought when I started the doll size Crazy Quilt ( who knew that 1 doll size quilt would require the purchase of 6 or 7 books?) But then I don’t really need much of an excuse to buy books.

After struggling the other night to hold this book open on my lap while I was stitching I decided this would be a good one to take and have it spiral bound. No more fight to keep it open to the right page! They charged me just under $5.

To see the detail on this page, click the photo to enlarge. I love this book because she has lots of pages like this that after she shows you how to make a certain stitch she provides lots of examples.


  1. Hi Mary, I like your idea.Here is my solution. I have taken several books in and had the bindings cut off($1.50). I then put the pages in clear sheet protectors ($10.00 for a box of 200 at Staples) and into a binder.It serves the same purpose in keeping the book open to the page you want. I can also take just one page out and take it with me if I chose.Take care, Cory

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