Habit, routine, or tradition?

Whatever you want to call it, Keith and I have been going over to a local sports bar on Sunday to catch at least half of the Redskin’s game. He’s a big fan and I’m a fan of anyone playing AGAINST them! Today it just happened to be one of my favorite teams – the Eagles and we won! Sad for Keith but I was happy.

Before and after the game, I retreated with my online quilting groups and was able to finish up the pink quilt on the longarm. The quilt hanging on the design wall was quilted yesterday. How appropriate is it that I worked on quilts for breast cancer patients the weekend before getting my mammogram? Wish me luck tomorrow.

I also wanted to thank everyone who wrote me asking how Chesty is doing. He’s on his meds and seems to be doing better. Speaking of routine – Sunday is typically the day Chesty gets his bath. The guest bathroom is an overflow area for my studio – can you see Keith trying to work around the boxed batting and the HeartStrings top hanging on the shower rod.

7 thoughts on “Habit, routine, or tradition?

  1. Your pink quilts turned out so very soft and pretty! Mine is close to GARISH, but it will calm down a bit with a border and quilting.I am laughing at DH and Chesty, squeezed between your quilting endeavors. Same thing my house. LOL


  2. You don’t want to look at whats in the tub of our 2nd bath…a balance/workout ball, giant paper towel pack, giant toilet tissue, extra Sam’s packages of ziplock bags, commercial saran wrap box. hey I never thought quilting supplies. I could have put my batting in there! Darn!


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