This is a messy process

I’ve been reading Tonya’s Winter Class Blog and while I don’t feel like I have time to take from my other tasks to take the class I like the concept. Last night at midnight – after Keith and Chesty went to bed – I decided to play around a little.

A few years ago, we stopped giving presents at Christmas and started making a donation to Habitat for Humanity instead. I like the thought of helping someone get a home of their own rather than buying tons of presents for people who already have more than they need (myself included!).

Here’s my little one block quilt showing What Christmas Means to Me. You probably can’t see it in this photo but there’s the face of a smiling boy in the window.

By the way, I hope it’s OK to post the link to the class here. I found it from a link on Tonya’s site but I know the blog for the first class was not public.


  1. This is a lovely little quilt for the holidays. And a lovely idea, too. I’m a big Habitat person – would love to get into making quilts for families involved someday.

  2. OMG!! Are we becoming an art quilter…I think social messages in our work qualifies!!Love the block (and especially the message) keep pushing your envelope! You’re doing great!Not that your other quilting isn’t is. It’s just good to keep growing and exploring as you are.

  3. Lovely block, and very cute boy in the window. We usually give goats and pigs etc to World Vision on behalf of our family instead of gifts, well the kids still get gifts, but the adults get sheep.

  4. gorgeous little quilt, I love the colors. you are very generous to make donations for gifts.the class is open for anyone to view or take, so thanks for posting the link.

  5. Your little quilt is wonderful. May I copy your idea? Just a little house (I can do those now!) and the embroidery around it so simple but striking! I’m still working on Tonya’s class quilt so didn’t feel I should join another class but I guess I’ll go check it out now.

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