How pathetic is this?

OK, I’m stitching along and thinking – no stress…. just enjoy the process…. so what if it turns out ugly….. you only *invested* one night in the piecing….. think of it as practice…..

I almost didn’t share this photo since it looks like I’ve RUINED my cute little house quilt. But you guys will be kind won’t you?

It didn’t look as bad in person as it looks in this photo. Really it doesn’t – but it doesn’t look so great either. (Obviously I’m not done quilting it yet but I’m not counting on it getting much better!)


  1. Sometimes things turns out in a way we don’t like. But keep on quilting it. Your house is so cute. May be you quilt some more on the green and on the house so it will not puff out that much. I guess it’s that what you think is wrong.But this house is soooooo cute.

  2. It’s cure, Mary. I like the person in the window! It looks like it might be a little puffy, but sometimes thats just because it isn’t finished. Afterall, there is no quilting on the right side yet, and lots on the other sides. I think in the end, you’ll be happy with it. And it bothers you that much, just send it to my house, where it can be the flattests and only hand quilted quilt in the place! LOL.

  3. MaryI think once you quilt the whole quilt you will be much happier! Handquilting from the inside of the quilt out from the start helps to not distort the center. Keep going this little quilt is adorable it will turn out fine.Kathie

  4. you’re just having a perfectionist moment! take a couple of deep breaths and maybe step away from the project for a little while. when you come back to it it will look better to you. this little gem has a style all its own. you’ll be able to see that for yourself once it’s finished.

  5. I’m not sure what you think is ruined. I think it’s just adorable!{And I think you should go back and read your last post.}8>Sheila in Ohio

  6. It is nice to know that I’m not the only one who suffers those moments…However…as my cousin keeps telling me, GET OVER IT. Your work is always delightful and your little quilt is great. Keep going and if you truly hate it, send it to me! 🙂

  7. Oh Mary, please don’t be so hard on yourself! It looks wonderful. It looks homespun and folk artish..and that a complement. I bet when you get the binding on you’ll feel differently about it. :o)

  8. Mary, this little piece is adorable. I’ve made dozens of small pieces like this and they always look lumpy while working on them. I also agree with the woman who suggested you work from the center out. It makes a huge difference. Even after all this time some of the small pieces I’ve made are favorites of my friends and family. The bumps make them look very homespun and primitive.

  9. Okay…I don’t see anything wrong with it. It isn’t finished yet that is the only thing….keep on stitching. You are great and doing a wonderful job. I only wish I had half your talent.Hugs,Traci

  10. Quit stressing and worrying (just because I do it ALL the time) … I’m so impressed by your hand quilted fans (I can only hand quilt in straight – make that wobbly- lines). LOVE the stars in the sky! What about adding a great button or bead for a doorknob? JUST GO FOR IT …

  11. Good point to remember about quilting from the center out and usually quilts do look prettier with the binding done. If you are still not happy with this when you finish up, be sure to send it my way, I would hang it on my wall! Lol, we are our own worst critics, aren’t we? Hope you finish up before Sunday so we can see how this story ends.

  12. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a basting spray for hand quilted pieces? I think the basting spray for machine quilting may be too sticky to pull a needle through. Have any of you tried?

  13. Mary, it’s just an adorable little quilt. I’m SO impressed with your little Baptist fans and the little stars quilted into the sky. Keep going! I think you’ll end up loving it. Also, I second the idea of a bead or button for the doorknob…cute idea!

  14. very late in chiming in on this Mary-but I like this quilting and I think it looks great…I know you think you need to add more quilting in the middle…but….I think it looks fine without doing that-my two cents worth.

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