My poor little house

Thanks for the comments but the sad thing is I DID start quilting from the center. There’s some outline and ditch stitching in addition to the stars and I was going to see if I had a small button for the door but I guess what’s bothering me is the difference in the density of the quilting between the center and the fans in the border.

I’ll have to go back and add quilting to the inside….I’m just not sure what to put so I’ll have to think about it some. I can pull out Sandy Bonsib’s book on Folk Art Quilts and Gwen Marston’s Liberated Quilting book and see if I can pick up any additional ideas.

I’m sitting here looking at it now and it doesn’t look as unbalanced – I think trying to get an angle that showed the quilting in the photo last night also exaggerated the puffiness.

I’ll continue on……I can do this!


  1. What about a different design/pattern of quilting stitches in the house itself (it lacks texture which would bother me – maybe some kind of zig zag or brick design would work). And maybe another stitch pattern for the roof ala the lines in a metal roof or tiles/shingles?What about double or triple rows outline/ditch stitching to make it more obvious that they are there?Don’t give up – think of this as an ongoing make-it-up-and-add-to-it-as-you-go design opportunity!And who doesn’t love to go button hunting/shopping?!?

  2. I think I would have made this little house look like it is made of bricks. And on the green I would have quilted more stars and circles. And where you have made the stitchery I would have quilted just stripes. I’m sure you will do something nice with it.

  3. Quilt some siding on that poor little house, shingles on the roof, and snowflakes in the air. Who says it all has to matchy matchy. Just get the same density of quilting in the center as the border.

  4. Bricks, or clapboards, or curved shingle type siding – you watch, by the time it’s done you will wonder why you had your doubts. I sometimes press (yes, that’s what I said) a piece to neaten it up, then block it, after a spray mist.

  5. I’m going to go with the suggestions of adding some texture to the house. Maybe some grass on the ground and/or a sidewalk??

  6. I meant to comment when I read yesterday’s post. I think your little house quilting looks nice. I think we are all our own worst critics.It makes me think of a wall hanging I did once. It was of cats, all out of Batiks. I spent a lot of money on the fabric and I was determined to put together a “wonderful” wall hanging. I finished it, but something felt wrong. I couldn’t put my finger on it until the quilter asked me why I sewed the cat’s ears on upside down. For months, I couldn’t even look at it. Now, I have it hanging in my sewing room and have a giggle when I think about it.Good luck with the house!

  7. I’m glad you’re feeling better about it – I definitely thought you were being too harsh on that lovely little quilt. It’s unfinished, not terrible. I always do my stem stitch words through all three layers, so you get that quilted look automatically… I know that’s not to everyone’s taste though.

  8. It looks just fine! I agonize over the quilting in things too and want an overall effect like you do but actually the poofiness in the middle with make the house stand out more. “Shine!”Now, when I’m quilting my quilt and all depressed about it you come and tell me that it is really ok. I still think the Holiday House is wonderful!

  9. My goodness! So many lessons are being shared and learned through this Home for Christmas quilt. Thanks for sharing this with us, Mary. Typically, I plan my design before I begin with the needle, like you do when you machine quilt, however, the quilt doesn’t always follow along! I think a little more detail in the house will help draw the eye down from the roof. You might add something, a wreath on or near the door and a little Christmas tree to bring the eye to ground level. 🙂

  10. If it were mine I think I’d do a quarter inch line of quilting all around the house on the green and that should do the trick. If you don’t want to outline the house you could always do a small crosshatch in the green background about 1″ apart? It looks great even if you do nothing else. Don’t worry.

  11. Better late than never! Have you sorted it yet? Like Tonya, I stem stitch through all 3 layers – it does work! Don’t give up. I think it’s a lovely house.

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