More unfinished business

Not only do I have UFO’s in my quilting life but now it seems as if I’m amassing quite a collection of unfinished books.

I’m on a mission to get some of these off my bedside table, the end table, my entry way table, the side of the tub where they’re all sitting half read. Yesterday I finished two – Lake of Sorrows and Three Cups of Tea.

Lake of Sorrows was a mystery that was fairly good although it took me a little bit to get into the story and Three Cups of Tea was fascinating – a story about an American who has been building schools in Pakistan.

As always you can see my current reading list here: My Shelfari Bookshelf


  1. Hi Mary:I just wanted to say I have books half read all over too. I finally knuckled down and finished most of them, so that is a better feeling, and I can go trade them at our trading library.I wanted to say how adorable your little quilt is. It really looks very good!! The joy is in the journey, and I hope it has been a pleasure for you…JulieQ

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