I’m SO slow!

I had every intention of finishing the QFAH top today but while I made good progress, I still have about 1/3 of it left to put together and then of course I need to put the border on. Maybe I’ll work some more on it tonight but I’m going to relax for now and work on stitching a binding. The good news is that I’m really liking it. I’d take a picture but I’m too tired to go get the camera and the colors probably wouldn’t show up well since it’s dark already.

JudyL is spearheading a renewed effort in stashbusting among bloggers. I’ve been focused on my efforts for 2-3 years but I admit I have a particular weakness for fat quarter bundles.

My weekly stashbusting report:

  • The Pink/Brown QFAH I’m working on is completely from stash.
  • The backings and bindings for 3 HeartStrings quilts are from stash.
  • No fabric purchases this week.

One of the things that helps me use stash is that I don’t allow myself to *save* fabric – if it works for a backing or binding and it’s not being used in a current project then I use it. One of my backings this week was a fabric I had to push myself to use rather than save.


  1. Oh …. I have a bad habit of saving fabrics, mostly my favorite really dark tone on tone’s. My reason? They look good with so many fabrics and are not as harsh a contrast as black. I should try following your lead! Thanks for the idea!I’m working on the same QFAH and am on the 5th of the 7 borders. Sigh! I know I will like the finished top but I’ve never done 7 borders on a quilt. Guess there is a first time for everything..lol. Can’t wait to see your’s finished.

  2. I read your archives over the long weekend, and I have to say, you are VERY productive, and do an awesome job!I was wondering how many UFOs you still have, since you seem to really crank out the finished quilts.Thanks for entertaining me the last few days, since I have had a cold. The quilts cheer me up!

  3. I have a very small stash. Most times, I go buy what I need for a project. Still though, I do wish I had a larger stash that I could start a larger project without driving 20 miles to get fabric.Funny isn’t it? Everyone is trying to reduce their stash and I am trying to build mine up! LOL!Good luck!

  4. I too have given up trying to save certain fabrics in my stash-the only ones off limits are those I need for a current project or are set together with a pattern started, sort of a ufo thing. Even trying to sew up all my flannel has proved to take years!

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