Spending money

Keith and I don’t keep separate bank accounts and never have BUT we’ve always bargained for spending money. For example, if I wanted a new computer, he got to buy a new suit for work (I know hardly fair but that’s how it works).

He’s out of town but emailed me that he got a speeding ticket in Denver the other day…..I wrote him back that means a massage for me! So this afternoon, I had a wonderful massage and then got my hair cut.

I know you’re all thinking that I’m spoiled rotten and while it wasn’t always true, I have to admit I’m pretty spoiled these days. Why do you think I work so hard on my donations quilts? I have to give back/give thanks in some way!

For those of you wondering about the photo in my post last night, I’ve been playing around with Photoshop Elements and that’s one of the framing options.


  1. My Dh an I do similar bargaining/swapping. He goes on a golf trip – I go on a quilting weekend! It is more of a game than anything else. The photoshop frames look nice.

  2. LOL I like your style. That’s how I got my new Bernina a few years back. Bill was doing some expert witness work for his company and had to fly to SD on my birthday! And really, he got a new 32’x72’shed/shop a few years before I got my longarm! Spoiled works for me — I remember when I wasn’t, too.

  3. I have a plate on the front of my car that says, “Spoiled, but not rotten.” When I had a job, everyone was always telling me I was spoiled. Like you, wasn’t always this way so I enjoy it to the max. I see it as being loved rather than being spoiled! So, we are lucky to loved by special men who work hard to “keep us.” Enjoy and count the blessings!

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