Done for better or worse!

The snowflakes don’t look so great in this photo but they look fine in person. I had sewn a button on the door but took it off and decided what the door needs is a candy cane. Hopefully I can find one that will work – a button – a pin – even small earring might work. As always, you can click on the photo for a larger view.

I received a wonderful gift box in the today from Deb (everyone knows we’re sisters right?). A journal to keep my quilt ideas and coffee cozies both needle felted by her AND a new Jelly Thimble. She gave me one of those last year and I use it all the time for binding. How did she know I wanted another one?


  1. Maryyour little quilt came out soooo cute. I love the snowflakes! You canfind little candy canes at Michaels or a craft store used for those little villages or doll houses..never heard of a jelly thimble where does she buy them I would love to try it.what nice gifts from your sister…love the coffee cozys! They would be perfect for my starbucks cups 🙂Kathie

  2. you sure deserve an Atta Girl for sticking to that little house quilt. it came out great. the snowflakes were a fantastic idea. see? didn’t we all tell you it was going to work out?and thanks for posting even when your quilty ride is a bit bumpy. it helps us (your readers) to keep the faith with our own projects!

  3. the little snowflakes just make it so sweet. I really liked it before, now I think it sings! Very festive.Nice to have such a thoughtful sister. I don’t have that and I think it’s why I like blogging so much. I know it’s not quite the same but it gives one the sisterly feeling.

  4. aww, it turned out so cute! The snowflakes are a perfect addition. And what a nice sister! Mine would neither think of giving such a gift OR appreciate receiving same… ((hugs))

  5. The snow flakes were just the right touch! Deb is your sister…you are a lucky girl! Love the gifts that she sent to you. How nice. After much coaxing, my sister has taken up quilting! Now she understands what the big deal is. Yeah! Sadly, she lives in Italy (not sad for her!) so we can’t quilt together in person. She is great for helping out with translation of Italian blogger posts.

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