I’m working but…..

I’m still enjoying the snowfall . Keith and I are getting ready to head out for coffee but I quilted another 1/3 of the Ice Cream Quilt. Just 1/3 left to do. Also, my comment on the pantograph was a little premature. It’s actually not as fussy as I thought and flows rather well. Still, not one to do if you’re in a hurry and I stay slightly inside the lines since they’re fairly close together.

Still playing with framing options in Photoshop Elements too.
Don’t you love the view from my studio? Chesty does! He’s usually sitting up here (but facing out) when I’m quilting.


  1. OH, I am SOOOOO jealous of your snow…it is almost 60 degrees here in KS…what I wouldn’t give for a good snowfall! Enjoy it Mary!HugsLaurie

  2. Thank God its you and not me! It’s a beautiful 80 degrees here and a beautiful cloudless sunny day.Chesty looks lonely..maybe he needs a brother (or sister)

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